About me

Retrospectively, I can divide my life into 3 main periods. All three periods share two characteristics:

- each of them lasted for 21 years  

-I am very proud of all them


magamrol11. Period

I was growing up in a middle-class family in Sarospatak. I was surrounded by loving family and friends, I went to excellent schools and eventually I became an electric engineer.

2. Period

I started my career at the national railways working with engines at the Keleti Railway Station. I was blessed to be working with talented colleagues. I spent some wonderful years within the family of railwayman in the environment which was hard-working and disciplining.

During these years, I met the love of my life, Erika with whom we had raised and set off our two beautiful daughters. Also, I have my first grandchild, Zsigmond.

3. Period

From the beginning of the 1990’s I fell in love with the jewels of the railways – without making my family jealous – nostalgic travelling and preservation.  I was the director of MAV Nostalgia for 21 years which was a fantastic experience with achieving success and economic growth.

With my Team, we built up a railway fleet from scratch for both internal and international travelling and we conquered the hearts of the railway enthusiasts. From 2000 we brought a wonderland to life, it is called the Hungarian Railway Museum.


And there is a 4th period:

I have had a dynamic career in an incredibly vivid environment. After collecting all of these amazing memories, is it possible to hang up the whistle, the microphone or put an end to rushing about, problem solving and hosting. Is it possible to simply say goodbye to all these people, friends and the decades I left behind? The answer is no, no and no. I will try to connect with you once again…